The Challenge

Opening as a specialty store in 1937 specializing in saddlery and equestrian leather goods, Hermès of today evokes thoughts of luxury, bespoke handbags and fragrances, all packaged in brightly coloured orange boxes. Although iconic, the brand was so rooted in the iconic logo and identity of the equestrian heritage of the company this was at odds with the younger demographic who is now one of the largest purchasers of luxury goods.

The Solution

In 2019, in collaboration with Designboom, a leading design and culture site, the house of Hermès launched a worldwide competition to inject a youthful contemporary visual approach to apply to their the 50th anniversary edition of their signature Hermès men’s cologne. Looking at the archetypes which symbolized and formed the foundation for Hermès over 50 years ago we playfully tapped into the cache, that technology now has for the youth of today in the personified form of a playful robot interacting with nature.


The Results

We were awarded the top prize in the Parisian competition which had 11,000 entries and 50 finalists to become the winning design for the Hermès re-design receiving both a cash prize as well as being featured on the limited-edition packaging of such an iconic brand.