Kinder Surprise Antiques.

The Challenge

The pandemic has been difficult, in so many ways. People were looking for a sense of normalcy and businesses were looking for new ways to engage with their customers and share new experiences. Kinder Surprises Antiques had just launched their new website and were heading into their typical busy season after the reopening of stores and lifting of restrictions. They needed a unique way to get their current fanbase excited and leave their potential audience with a healthy expectation as to what they would experience at Kinder Surprises Antiques.

The Solution

We developed a new visual identity and an eight-video series to be released over summer 2021. We created a logo that doubled as way-finding signs that you might see on the highway on the way to your destination. Along with that, we devoted our focus into a video series to be promoted on both Facebook and Instagram. The videos featured many loyal staff and customers to give people a sense of how Kinder Surprises Antiques can be affluent and fun. After all, we’re dealing with the biggest and best antiques dealer in Saskatchewan!