Lüm Mobile.

The Challenge

SaskTel Communications presented a unique opportunity to capture a different audience and fill a need in their current consumer base. The opportunity was to capture market share of customers looking for something different than the traditional post-paid service has potential to drive net new revenue growth for the organization. With that, Lüm Mobile was born, a stand-alone digital mobile service.  

The Solution

Lüm Mobile need the full package, define a brand strategy, visual identity and overall creative approach. The brand needed to resonate with the target audience and be distinct from competitors in the crowded mobile space.

The Results

Lüm Mobile officially launched to the public in early December 2021, exceeding new sign-up targets for both December and January. Through ongoing brand tracking studies, Lüm has already exceeded brand awareness levels of some well-established competitors. Relevance and interest levels are notably higher among the digitally entrenched target audience.


Lüm Mobile is inspired by the word ‘illuminate’. Lüm Mobile represents light and positivity found in our social cause: the environment. The light of a campfire, a sunset, and the moon. But what’s more than this – it alludes to technology and the glow of the devices we use every day. The Lüm Mobile colour palette is inspired by the Aurora Borealis. It puts Lüm Mobile in a unique league all its own – vibrant, exciting and full of energy.