The Challenge

Coldwell Ag Division came to lmno with a unique challenge – they wanted a new name and brand identity that better reflected who they were and what they wanted to be. They have a very niche audience – farmers and ranchers in rural Saskatchewan who are buying and selling land. They wanted to change the perception of selling farmland and wanted farmers to forget everything they thought they knew about the farm real estate experience.

The Solution

During a brand workshop we conducted with the client, a unique insight was identified. Tyler and Vince are brothers that grew up on a farm that has been in their family for generations and in their professional careers, one worked in farm equipment sales and the other in commercial banking focused on the agriculture industry.

“Farming is in their DNA.”

This is what sets them apart from other realtors. This is what we would hang our hat on.

The Results

Our campaign drove significant awareness with over 2 Million impressions. The client was delighted with the website traffic with over 10,000 sessions and 60 qualified leads that came their way directly from our digital campaign.


Keeping our target audience at the forefront, we came up with the name “Serca”. It hones in on family roots, nostalgia, farming history, evolution, and a generational connection to the farming community by adapting the word “Circa” with a c to something that they could own. Serca spelled backwards is “acres”. Which not only represents exactly what they are selling, but also further showing the audience that they see things differently.

The logo, rugged and strong, resembles tire marks in the dirt. Or is it swaths in a field? Maybe it’s connecting grid roads out by the farm. It’s open to interpretation and represents something different to everyone.

No corners were cut when creating this thoughtful brand for such a niche audience and it delivers on everything our client was looking for.