The Challenge

Being the unique organization that it is, Saskatoon Airport Authority administers numerous airport functions but does not have direct power over most of the employees who interact with travelers. This is where we came in. Our mission was to transform the brand aiming to inspire people working within the airport (and beyond).

The Solution

The brand guideposts inspired the creative idea of “uplifting,” and the first thing through the uplifting filter was the name: Saskatoon Airport Authority.

We saw an incongruity between the idea of inspiring employees and the connotation of “authority”. Our research showed that multiple organizations in Saskatoon were adopting YXE in their name, making it no longer ownable… which led to the recommendation of SKYXE.

The Results

What started as a simple request for a new logo ended up as a strategy to revitalize the entire airport experience. As a result, the airport won the 2016 Airport Council International Award for Best Airport in North America (under 2 million passengers).


Encompasses Saskatchewan, giving a sense of place.


We are the land of living skies and all about the wonder of flight, bringing the sky to you.


The Saskatoon airport code. The name is no longer institutional, but inspirational and unique. With many different levels of underlying context, SKYXE presents vast opportunities to bring the meaning to life.