The Campaign

People’s lives are dominated by habits and routine, and it’s difficult to get them to act on something that can be done tomorrow.

Many believe they can’t afford to start saving for retirement or that the options available are not for them. Our challenge was to give people the motivation to turn “one day” into “today” and ultimately make a contribution to SPP before time slips away.

Our 2020 campaign focused on a singular, recognizable image to reinforce the idea that time plays tricks on you. Our messaging focused on the relatable idea that life is not a predictable journey between starting work and retirement. Instead, “Life Happens ” Whether that’s marriage, kids, moving or career changes, there are all kinds of typical excuses as to why people put off saving for retirement.

We brought the campaign to life through an integrated media plan which was in market for the seven weeks prior to the RRSP deadline. Our primary audience was Saskatchewan residents.