Strong. Sustainable. Saskatchewan.

The Challenge

The Ministry of Trade & Export Development came to us with the ask of attracting international investors interested in the provinces’ main three sectors —Energy, AgTech and Agrivalue— to Saskatchewan. They also wanted to focus on sustainability within these three sectors. They wanted to try something new; telling the story of Saskatchewan through testimonials and videos.

The Solution

We had the opportunity showcase a series of companies who have chosen to invest and do business in Saskatchewan. With this series of videos, we demonstrated to international investors the unique competitive advantages found each priority industry sector.

We highlighted the virtues of the Saskatchewan landscape, its people and resources and demonstrated the values which will connect our investor with the province. The ultimate decision to invest in Saskatchewan is not only financial but emotional.

The Results

The video series generated impressive results—9.4 million completed video views, 51 thousand sessions to the site and 126 contact us completions.